What Should I Do to Even out Profile of Lips? (photo)

I'm not fond of my profile mainly due to my protruding nose and lower lips - but I'm only asking about my lips for this question. My lower lip protudes more than my upper and looks strange from any side view (I've attached pictures). I want to know what I can do to even it out - should I get a lip lift or injections, or something else even? I'm not fond of how temporary injections are however, and I'm concerned if I do a lip lift how the scaring will interfere with a future rhinoplasty.

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What Should I Do to Even out Profile of Lips?

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I have to say that I agree there is a lack of balance between your upper and lower lips. However, I think the issue is that you have a natural, full lower lip and a relatively thin upper lip. To provide more balance you might consider filler treatments in your upper lip. The lower lip is typically more full than the upper so your injector will need to be careful not to overfill your upper lip. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Weber Facial Plastic Surgery

Injectable Fillers Good Way to Correct Lip Asymmetries

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Injectable fillers are great for correcting lip asymmetries. In our practice we use liquid injectable silicone for lip augmentation. It is a permanent filler that when injected correctly gives very natural results. I think implants or surgery is more than you need to do to get the result you are looking for. 

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