What Should I Do to Have Even Breast?

Hello, I had my original BA August 2011. Had a revision on the right breast (dr. Made pocket smaller) in march 2012. I'm still unsatisfied. Thinking creating a bigger pocket on the left (to make it a little droppier like the right one) would make them look more even?? Do I also need to add a bigger implant on the left, in your opinion? I just want even breast! Thank you!

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Possible causes of uneven breast implants..

Many women have chest wall asymmetries which can complicate their breast augmentation procedures. Some women have highly slanted chest walls which can cause the implant to lie in a different position than the other side. Also the height of the chest wall, as viewed when lying down, can be different from side to side leaving the impression that one breast is bigger than the other event though the implants are similarly sized.


In our practice we evaluate many women who are dissatisfied in one way or another after previous breast surgeries. Since no two situations are identical it is impossible to say what would be appropriate in an individual’s case without a full consultation. We always recommend that you stay with your original surgeon, if possible, as they are often in the best position to deal with your particular situation.


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Unsatisfied with breast augmentation.

It is really hard to give a correct answer without a proper examination and reviewing you before photos. In general asymmetry is the norm, in both the shape and size of the breasts. You already had two surgeries within a one year period and I think you need to communicate you expectations with for plastic surgeon. 

Moneer Jaibaji, MD
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Breast Asymmetry after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for your question.

It is difficult for anyone to give you good advice without examining you and/or knowing your specific surgical history, current implant size, etc.

Most patients start off with some breast asymmetry and some may still persist after surgery as well.  No surgeon can promise perfection.

If you are unhappy with your results, I would suggest speaking to your surgeon to get his/her advice and / or going in for other consultation if you think that is necessary.

Please visit with board certified plastic surgeons who can show you examples of their work.

Best wishes.

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Breast asymmetry is the norm, just to different degrees

Absolutely no one has perfectly symmetrical breasts and without photos of you, we can't really offer any help.  For all we know, you might have a very big difference and we could offer some suggestions or maybe the difference is so small that you will just need to learn to accept it.  Please post some photos.

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