Can You Even Make Another Implant Pocket Through the Areole Incision During CC Revision?

Hi doctors, I'm 3 weeks post revision for capsular contracture and was told another implant pocket had been made, but my surgeon went through the areole again. Is it even possible to make another pocket using the areole incision? They were above the muscle before and are above the muscle again. I'm so confused!

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Yes you can

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Yes it is possible to do that.  You should have been told this before surgery.  speak to him/her about it and he can explain it better.


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Incision around areola and new pocket

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It is possible to go througha peri-areola incision to perform a breast revision for some patients.  Best to ask your surgeon what he did.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Can You Even Make Another Implant Pocket Through the Areole Incision During CC Revision?

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Your surgeon may have created what some call a "neopocket" by placing your implant under the previous capsule, which would have been left intact. There is controversy about treatment of capsular contracture, but this is one technique preferred by some. 

Only your surgeon will be able to answer your question authoritatively. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

New breast implant pocket

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I'm not sure how if they were above the muscle before and still are, how a "new" pocket as made other than if all the old scar was removed.  Typically, a "new" pocket implies going under the muscle from previously being above. Ask your surgeon to clarify this for you so you undestand.

New Pocket Dissection during Revisionary Breast Surgery?

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Yes, developing a “new pocket” is routinely done through an incision under the areola. Do not hesitate to ask your plastic surgeon about exactly what procedure was performed.

 Best wishes.

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