Received 2 Evaluations For My Son's Overbite, How Do I Know Which Is Right?

First orthodontist recommended braces with metal ring on very back teeth and regular on rest and it would be 24 months for son's overbite. Second orthodontist said he needed to make son's lower jaw grow and use braces at same time and it would be 27 to 30 months. He's the only one who ever said my son's lower jaw is short. How do I know which is right as I don't want to give son treatment he doesn't need.



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Which orthodontist is correct?

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The question is not: is your son's lower jaw too small...I'm sure it is!, most patients with "overbites" have small lower jaws.  The real question is: is there any orthodontic appliance that routinely can "grow" the lower jaw bigger.  For over 100 years orthodontists have tried to invent something to grow lower jaws...and so far no appliance has scientifically been shown to do this.  In the end, the overbite correction is done with a combination of tooth movement and some upper and some lower jaw changes....Making a big deal of growing a lower jaw with a special appliance is more of a marketing gimmick than anything else .

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