Gortex or Nylon for purse string suture?

for a vertical lift (lollipop incision) is Gortex better than Nylon for permanent purse string suture technique? Would the permanent suture extend down my vertical incision or would a different suture be placed in that area?

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With a lolly-pop incision, no permanent suture is needed

Permanent suture is often used for periareolar mastopexy.  It's not needed for a vertical mastopexy and I wouldn't recommend using it because of the possibility of needing to remove it later.  Personally though, I use a polypropylene Quill suture...  There's no one best suture. Good luck!

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Permanent sutures


Thank you for your question. I typically choose Gortex when performing a purse string suture technique around the areola, but each Plastic Surgeon will have their own preference. I recommend that you review before and after photos and research your Plastic Surgeon's qualifications. When you consult with someone that you feel comfortable with and have a surgical plan that you like, trust their expertise  for sutrure choice. They will likely be able to tell you about their preferences.

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Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Choice of purse string suture

When choosing to undergo plastic surgery, it is critical to pick a surgeon you trust. Whichever suture your chosen surgeon utilizes, assuming that he or she is an excellent surgeon, is not something of a significant clinical or aesthetic difference. Generally, when I put a purse-string suture, I tie the knot at 5:30 and do not ever bring the suture down the vertical limb. I prefer Ethibond since the knot is smaller. Best of luck.

Permanent suture in vertical lifts

I do not typically use permanent sutures in vertical lifts. The tension is usually distributed enough that it is not necessary, in my opinion.

Michael Vennemeyer, MD
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Gortex or Nylon for purse string suture?

I have used both and have abandoned them because of "cutting in" or infection. In addition to interrupted stitches I use an absorbable running stitch (PDS) for the areolar closure and I run it  also down the vertical scar.. I have been very pleased with my scars and lack of complications since switching..

R. Louis Adams, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Suture types

Most vertical lifts don't require purse string sutures. In terms of the type of suture, it is really up to your surgeon's discretion. However, if this is something that you have a strong feeling about then share your concerns with your surgeon.
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Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
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Purse String and Vetical Lift

I would agree with the respondents that a permanent purse string suture is usually not necessary with a standard vertical breast lift but is normally used with the peri-areolar lift, in which the only scar is around the edge of the areola of the nipple. The vertical scar is typically closed with a separate stitch and the type used depends on surgeon preference.

Joseph Fata, MD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Sutures of breast lift

Most vertical lifts do not need a purse string suture.  However, I recommend you pick your surgeon that you see good results in their photos and that you get along with. Then let them pick the sutures and all the other surgical details to give you that result. Good luck.

Scott W. Vann, MD, FACS
Savannah Plastic Surgeon
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Gortex vs nylon

Each surgeon has their own preference for suture type around the areola during a mastopexy with gortex and nylon both being popular choices.  Neither is better than the other, and the final result depends more on the surgeon doing your operation.  Generally the permanent suture does not extend down the vertical limb.  Best of luck!

Claire Duggal, MD
Annapolis Plastic Surgeon
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Type of sutures?

 The type of sutures that one surgeon uses in my opinion, has nothing to do with the overall result or its longevity. I happen to like Gore-Tex for the purse string because this needs to be permanently there. There seems to be less reaction to Gore-Tex than nylon. As far as the vertical lamb there are many suture choices and I would leave that to your surgeon to best decide what works best in their hands. Good luck. 

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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