Having burning, tightness, numbness, bloating,not GI related,again. Had mostly stop until 3 wks ago after 7lb wgt gain. (photo)

Full abdominoplasty, lipo, muscle suturing 07/15. Preop wgt 160. Dr took 8.5 lbs. Dropped to 135 & maintained until 3 wks ago. Abdomen feels bloated outwardly, skin tight, more numb. Feels like skin is "hanging over" when sitting. This causes extreme skin burning so bad I have to lay down. Very hard to explain. Found I had gained 7 lbs. Hadn't worn garment for a while. Feel like need it constantly. Puts pressure on bladder and pee constantly. FP gave Neurontin & Klonopin for it. Am I crazy? Help

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Having burning, tightness, numbness, bloating,not GI related,again. Had mostly stop until 3 wks ago after 7lb wgt gain. (photo)

Thank you for the question and photos. First question that I have for you is are u still on narcotics for your pain as it can cause constipation, bloating, etc. it is not unusual to have numbness post TT as nerve endings have to regenerate and it can take a long time to resolve. It maybe good to continue with the garment. It is best to discuss this with your board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck.

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Burning, tightness after abdominoplasty....

First: Congratulations to your weight loss and overall great looking result. 
Burning sensation can often be the result of sensation coming back to your skin and showing itself as a burning, sometimes itching sensation. 
Bladder pressure and the urge to pee frequently maybe a problem your gynecologist or Family physician should look at: You could have a bladder infection, drop of your bladder after having babies etc.
There is some "extra skin" in the center of your lower belly (pubic area). This could be managed with some touch up surgery. 
I tell my patients that....." touch up surgeries are not the exception but often the rule...."
I think it would help you if you return to your surgeon and pose your questions as you posed them to us. With an examination he should be able to outline some solutions to your questions. 

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