Panniculectomy or Not? (photo)

I have a apron of skin and fat that hangs down over my pubic area. when I wear workout pants or a swim suit I have this unsightly roll that is hard to camouflage. I was looking at tummy tucks but noticed you should be done with having children. so would it be a good idea to have a Panniculectomy for now and give it a few years to see if there will be another child or not (I am 30 years old would like one more) and then get a full tummy tuck later on.

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Pregnancy after tummy tuck

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Many patients are very concerned about their post-partum body because they may or may not have more children in the future. If you work to maintain the recommended amount of weight gain through your pregnancy, you won't likely ruin your results. Research pregnancy after tummy tuck on There are groups for women who share their stories of pregnancy after a tummy tuck. Be well.

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In patients who are still planning on having children, but have significant stretch marks (striae) and excess skin (abdominal panniculus) of the lower abdomen, a mini-abdominoplasty can be performed. There are many variations to this procedure, but in essence this involves excision of the skin and subcutaneous fat of the pannus, without moving (transposing) the belly button (umbilicus) or tightening (plicating) the rectus abdominus muscle. This procedure can be performed during the child-bearing years. A full abdominoplasty (with umbilical transposition and muscle plication) can be performed thereafter without difficulty. However, the skin of the lower abdomen has been "pre-stretched" and will accommodate a subsequent pregnancy without adding stretch marks to the remainder of the abdomen. If this "pre-stretched" skin (pannus) is removed and replaced with a scar, the scar will stretch, as will the remaining skin of the abdomen. This may create new stretch marks in other areas, which may not be able to fully be removed at the time of the full tummy tuck. Regardless, if the pannus is bothersome, it would be a reasonable approach to start with the mini-tummy tuck/panniculectomy and follow up with a full tummy tuck after completion of all pregnancies.

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