Am I Evaluating Mixto SX Fractional Laser Results Too Soon?

I did my first Mixto SX Fractional Laser treatment about 12 days ago. Though my doctor did take my pics before treatment, I did not take any for my own review.

Until now, I could not see much improvement which results in great disappointment. Is it too earlier to judge the laser effects? Or how long should I take after the treatment to review the overall results? Is this laser suitable for ice-pick or depression scars?

I am upset totally as I do not expect much improvement with the money I spent and those raves of this treatment.

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Mixto Laser resurfacing for Acne Scars

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In our practice we "sand down the ridges" of the acne scars first with an Erbium-Yag laser and the do an intense treatment with the Mixto Laser. This can get as much as 80% reduction on a first treatment. In the last several hundred acne scar patients treated, only 4 patients have elected to get a second treatment.

San Ramon Dermatologist
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When to Expect Results from MIXTO?

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Too soon! Although you may notice some immediate improvements in skin tightening from the heat of the laser, the real action (the stimulation of fibroblasts to produce new collagen) takes 6-12 weeks. Take pictures now and again at 90 days.  Depending on the intensity of your treatment, I would expect your skin texture to continue to improve for several months (often up to a year) after your treatment.  

Melissa Toyos, MD
Nashville Ophthalmologist

Mixto Laser for acne scarring may take several treatments

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Greetings Loacker,

For true ice pick scars, I like to perform some type of subcision followed by laser resurfacing for best results. With any type of acne scarring though, I agree with Dr. Berkowitz that any one treatment will only get 30-50% improvement. Several treatments are necessary and I space them out at least 3 months apart because as some of the other physicians point out, there is some degree of collagen reformation which improves the results with time. All in all, don't evaluate your results quite yet, there may still be some improvement to come.

D.J. Verret, MD
Dallas Facial Plastic Surgeon

The Final Outcome after Mixto Laser Resurfacing can take up to 3 months to see.

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Hi there-

Because one of the principal mechanisms by which the Mixto Laser achieves the lovely improvements it is associated with (we LOVE the Mixto in our Orlando Plastic Surgery and Skin Care Center!) is a stimulated increase in collagen production,..

And because this increase in collagen production takes time to occur,...

You should be as patient as you can with your outcome. It WILL happen- but don't expect the final result to be seen until at least 8-12 weeks have passed.

Be patient

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I use the Mixto laser and am really happy with the results for acne scarring. I tell my patients that it takes on average 3-6 months to see the results of collagen improvement.

There are limits to what any laser can do for acne scars, so an initial evaluation and consultation by your physician is very important to determine if they are the right type of scars to treat.

Tomi L. Wall, MD
Oakland Dermatologic Surgeon

Mixto Laser is a great choice for acne scarring

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Congratulations, you have made a terrific choice to treat your acne scarring. Mixto CO2 fractional laser works very well to help diminish acne scarring. Do not expect immediate results; it can take months to diminish this scarring. It takes at least 12 weeks for new collagen to rebuild. You may note improvements for up to one year.

Do not expect 100% clearance but 30- 50 % improvement. It normally takes a series of fractional carbon dioxide treatments to make an improvement. I usually treat patients every months for 2-3 months; some patients necessitate more treatments for further improvement. Speak with your cosmetic surgeon about their plan for you.

Mark Berkowitz, MD
Sterling Heights Oculoplastic Surgeon
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