How to Evaluate Damage Caused by Sculptra on Chin?

I would like to know what type of x-ray machine would enable me to clearly see the underlying tissue and bones in my chin and jaw area?

I'm asking this because I had Sculptra injected in these areas and I've had several kenalog injections because of protruding lumps and unevenness. My chin now looks quite odd on the outside and I would like to see the changes that it has underwent on the inside because of this treatment.

Would a MRI or a catscan be able to supply me these images? If not, what (if any) type of machine could capture a clear picture? Thanking you in advance...

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No x-ray or scan will show Sculptra.

Only by physical exam can one assess the extent of the damage. Before you embark on treatment wait a long time it may soften by itself. After a year, one can consider surgery.

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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