European Rhinoplasty for African-Cuban Nose

I had rhinoplasty to narrow my nostrils and to refine the tip 10 months ago. As soon as the plaster came off I knew that it hadn't gone right but I waited a few months & I didn't see any improvement. In fact the nose looked wider & the tip more bulbous than before. I want my nose to be as European as it possibly can like Michael Jackson's after his 1st or 2nd rhinoplasty. I am mixed African/Cuban & would like facial features to match my other facial features better. Is this possible?


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Do You Really Want To Look Like Michael Jackson?

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It is not that common that I hear a patient mention Michael Jackson's nose in a positive light. I think your question is can I have more tip definition to my nose? The answer to your case is it depends on your existing anatomy on how much definition is possible for your nose. A more sculpted look requires a few surgical maneuvers including projection of the nasal tip and a series of intraoperative maneuvers. The amount of tip definition which is possible depends on how thick your soft tissue skin envelope is.

You may need some advanced rhinoplasty maneuvers including costal cartilage or auricular cartilage grafting to achieve a nose more in line with your aesthetic.

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Rhinoplasty for Ethnic nose

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I am sorry to hear you're disappointed with your result.

You describe yourself as African Cuban. Although every individual is unique, there are some generalizations that can be made about the noses of people of African-- Cuban descent.

In general, the skin is very thick. The cartilages of the tip tend to be weak and have a more round angle to them. The tips of the cartilages also tend to be wide apart.

Rhinoplasty is challenging in people with this kind of nose. The reason is that the cartilage must be shaped aggressively in order to provide more definition. Since they are weak and more round to start with, this makes it more difficult to achieve the desired result.

Also, even if the cartilages are shaped exactly as desired, the thick skin will "hide" the result to some extent.

For these reasons, it is often difficult to make the nose very narrow and defined.

However, if you are disappointed with your result, I recommend you obtain a consultation with another surgeon who may have more experience with your type of nose. It is possible that another surgery might be able to give you a result you will be happy with.

Just realize that because of the limitations I mentioned above, it may be impossible to get your nose extremely narrow and defined.

John Diaz, MD
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Bulbous Tip

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Tip contour is influenced be the size,shape, and strength of the underlying cartilages. These cartilages can be modified by changing their shape with sutures and adding cartilages taken from the ears or ribs. These underlying skeletal structures can be changed, but thick overlying skin which contributes to the bulbous appearance cannot be significantly thinned. Therefore you need careful evaluation by a surgeon with experience in treating Africans and other thick-skinned ethnic groups.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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