European Doctor Recommendation for Lower Eyelid Skin Pinch

I am hoping to find an oculoplastic surgeon in Europe who can help me with the loose skin under my eyes. I am only 27 years old but I have been troubled with this loose skin for many years now. I have had three fractional skin resurfacing treatments over 2 years with little success and that is why I am now considering surgery although I fear that I will end up with puppy eyes. Please help!

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Lower eyelid surgery

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Difficult one to give you a definitive answer on mainly because the picture is clearly taken with a heavy smile. Just about anyone be on the certain age is going to wrinkle up a little bit in that area. Before you consider surgery have you looked into trying Botox injection. It might quiet down that area so that new smile it is not that active. No matter what type of surgery you do with a very active smile around your eyes like that you may end up with the same problem. Not a great answer but I hope it helps.

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