What are the risks of secondary otoplasty and why there was asymmetry and recurrence on the first one? Is scarring more likely ?

I had otoplasty 8 months ago. My ears were pinned back but weren't totally symmetrical. During this time I followed the doctors instructions. Now after 8 months my ears rebound back a lot (2.5 cm on top and 2cm lower of the ear) and they are not at all symmetrical in shape. Is 2.5 cm indication for revision otoplasty and if yes why it happened and what I should ask from my doctor to consider? Is scarring more likely to happen now? Should he do it for free? Please don't give diplomatic answer.

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What are the risks of secondary otoplasty

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A judgement can’t be made as to whether a new otoplasty is necessary or not without photos of your ears. Please post photos from the front and from the back, in which both ears can be seen at the same time, and which have been taken exactly from the middle of your head.

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