Rhinoplasty and nose-to-lip distance (Photo)

Dear RL Doctors, I am going to undergo a revision tip-plasty since my nasal tip is somewhat bulbous. Additionally, my nose-to-lip distance is on the longer side (although within the norm), which is why I was wondering: is it possible to (visually) shorten this distance by manipulating the tip, without any skin excision (as in the bullhorn lip lift)? Thank you!

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Lip and nose

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I recommend you focus on getting your nose right before doing anything to the lip .Traditional lip lifts are with the incision you mention but the scars can be problematic 

Tip first

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Dear Raven,

Without seeing your full face it is difficult to assess the proportions of your upper lip. Some points though:1. From what I can see your upper lip has good volume and is nicely turned out.  This is in contrast to the long nose to lip distance with a thin, in-turned vermillion (red part of upper lip) that one sees in facial ageing.2. Your lip may not be an issue if your tip is nicely refined.For these reasons, based on the limited image you have posted, I would have your tip surgery and wait to see the effect on your overall facial asethetics.Best wishes,

Waseem Saeed, BSc, MBChB, FRCS(Plast)
Manchester Plastic Surgeon

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