Should I Consider Revision Rhinosplasty? (photo)

Hi I underwent complete rhinoplasty 1 year ago . I picked the best doctor in my country . But it seams that supratip is still pretty full . The nose did not change much since the cast removal. The bump was there since day one :( at least we know it is not a scar tissue :) But I would like to know if I could benefit from revision or would that be rather risky thing to do ? Also my nares are a bit too masculine I would say :( In general nose did improve my looks but that bump is irritating :(

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Considering Revision Rhinoplasty

Your nose can be improved with a revision. Removing the "bump", correcting the Inverted V deformity, raising the hanging columella, and lowering the elevated nostril margins will give you a softer, feminine nose consistent with your other facial features. There will be minimal risk if the operation is done by an experienced surgeon. 

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Results are a matter of taste, but I feel your nose can be further improved

It's not always who is rated "the best" but who shares your vision for an attractive nose. It is difficult to render a conclusive opinion without actually feeling your nose but there appears to be a number of things that can be improved. Yoru nostrils appear retracted and may be a result of what we call cephalic orientation. Also the area just above the tip is most prominent. This could be lowered more or the tip further projected.

Steven J. Pearlman, MD
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Improvements are possible via revision rhinoplasty

Based solely on what I see in your photos (which provide a limited understanding of your situation), it looks like you had a closed rhinoplasty with not much done to remodel the tip and supratip. Also, in my opinion, there was not enough dorsal reduction, and infractures would have helped. Nostril reduction should also have been considered. You could most definitely benefit from a secondary rhinoplasty, in which case I would recommend an open approach with better tissue control. Given that you're a year out from your last rhinoplasty, you could schedule this at any time.


Best of luck to you!

Dr. A

Ahmed Abdullah, MD, FACS
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You may consider consulting several Revision Rhinoplasty specialists to see what might be best for you.

I reviewed your photos, which are limited, and your concerns.

On front view, you appear to have thin skin and irregular, operated-looking tip cartilage. On profile, you have a hanging columella with excessive nostril show, an underrotated tip, and as you pointed out, a bump on your supratip ("polybeak").

Revision rhinoplasty is exponentially more difficult than primary rhinoplasty, so if you're dissatisfied by the appearance of your nose, please choose your next surgeon carefully.

Well-performed revision rhinoplasty techniques may lead to an improvement in the appearance of your nose.

Hope this helps you.

Dr. Joseph

Eric M. Joseph, MD
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