Can I have revision rhinoplasty on discolored nose?

Is it possible to have another revision on nose that is reddish- purple, it is worst when it's colder? I have bad blood supply, I had implants that started to extrude, they are removed in last procedure and I'm left with discolored nose, especially on parts where implants were stuck (opened approach). But my nose is now too small ad I need grafting my bridge and tip. Can I do anything to improve my blood supply?

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Skin discoloration after rhinoplasty

Nasal skin discoloration can be an ominous sign after rhinoplasty. Persistent reddish-purple discoloration that alters with temperature can signify altered circulation in the nasal skin. It sounds like you have had previous nasal surgery with complications involving nasal implants. With the skin discoloration, it is best to wait for the discoloration to settle and the skin and soft tissues to recover prior to considering any further surgery. When revision rhinoplasty is performed too soon, this tenuous skin may not heal well and result in skin necrosis. It is hard to say just how long you have to wait, but typically a year or more is needed to allow the tissues to heal. 

In the interim, injection of soft tissue fillers may be an option to augment areas of the nose or fill in depressions. However, even with injectables, the circulation of the nasal skin must be respected. There is a limit to how much product can be injected and how tolerant the nasal skin will be-tissue necrosis can also occur after soft tissue filler injections to the nose.

You should consider consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon that commonly performs revision rhinoplasty as well as injectables into the nose to see what would be best for you.

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Can I have revision rhinoplasty on discolored nose?

Skin discoloration due to temperature change is sometimes seen in patient following open rhinoplasty. The color can be improved with Intense Pulse light (IPL) or pulse-dye laser. Additional revision surgery may temporarily exacerbate the color changes, but I would not let these changes prevent another grafting surgery if it is needed for an overall improvement of nasal/facial harmony and nasal contour. Grafting is always more difficult in patients with very thin skin. I have used hyperbaric oxygen to improve wound healing in a few selected patients.

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