Reverse Genioplasty and Replace with Custom Implant? (photo)

I had a sliding genio after removing a 5 year old silicone implant. This was a huge mistake. It was overcorrected and I have had mentalis strain ever since that time. 2 revisions later (reducing projection and length respectively), my chin looks bad and gives me real discomfort. I have since been told that I have a relatively uncommon dentofacial deformity which meant the genio was a contraindication. I therefore want the remaining genio reversed and a custom implant put in later on. Possible?

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Sliding Genioplasty Can Be Reversed

A sliding genioplasty can be reversed. (put back from whence it came) But it would also be important to resuspend/tighten the mentalis muscles at the same time so you do not get a soft tissue ptosis (witch's chin) as a result of the loss of bony projection/support. 

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