Restylane for nose dent and volume after revision rhinoplasty?

I had multiple revisions because first left me with too small nose. Now I have rib cartilage in my nose, last surg. was 2 months ago, but I still need volume in some parts, and I'm exhausted with surgeries. I would like to correct small dent in side of my nose bridge and also to make both sides of the nose more wider (place under the dorsum ). Is it safe to inject small amount of restylane on those places? My color of nose is not great..because I had opened rhinoplasty. I have also dent on the side of the tip, but tip must avoid definitely? What should I do?

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Restylane for nose dent and volume after revision rhinoplasty?

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At 2 months I would not consider injecting anything.  Some surgeons will not inject filler under any circumstances.  Dent filling may be appropriate after the swelling has resolved.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

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