Is It Possible to Remove This Tattoo Shortly and Completely? (photo)

Hi there. My tattoo is located on upper arm, it can be said that it is quite big and really ugly completed. Tattoo is about 2 years old. Entirely in black ink.I want to ask the experts and professionals in this area: How many sessions do I need and what kind of laser will be best to treat ? Maybe according to my skin that is snow white or the type of tattoo , which i was post picture down.I'm not sure it matters but when i touched my tattoo i feel relief that is noticeable from a close distance.

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How Many Tattoo Removal Sessions?

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Hi SB.  We would be using the Medlite C6 for your tattoo, but there are certainly other good tattoo removal machines including Quanta (in Europe) and Lightage.

We would estimate 6-8 treatments with 6-8 weeks between treatments.  For those in a hurry, we will go as few as 2 weeks between treatments for patients that heal well.  

There is also a new method called R20 which combines multiple treatments on the same day.  The concern we have with this method is for potential scarring as you are not giving the skin time to heal between treatments.  Good luck.

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