Is it possible to remove pec implants by an incision in the armpit?

Is it possible to remove pec implants by am incision in the armpit?

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Axillary incision can be used for placement or for removal of pec implants.

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The best incision for removal of pec implants is  usually going to be whatever incision was used to place the implants. An incision in the armpit or axilla is often an excellent option for placement of the implants. The scar remains well hidden and sometimes nearly imperceptible within a skin crease in the hair baring area. Use of this incision for placement of pec or female breast implants requires advanced surgical skills and specialized equipment. In the hands of an experienced surgeon it can yield exceptional results. Because pec implants are made of solid silicone rather than gel, they are more firm and more difficult to insert than female breast implants. Slightly longer incisions and funnel devices may be utilized to facilitate placement. Removal through an axillary incision may also require specialized equipment but should be possible and likely will be the best option. Thank you for your question. 

Good luck. 

Dr. Polo

Removal of pectoral implants

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Assuming the implants were placed by using an incision in the armpit, they can be removed through the same incision.  

Mark P. Solomon, MD
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

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