Follow-up Question - Radiesse or Teosyal Ultra Deep for nasolabial folds?

After my question I went to another physican and explain the situation . She said to remove the nasolobial the best way is to start to fill the face from upper part with filler so the filler will pull the skin and after that to treat nasolobial for me sounds right . She offer me a choice with radiesse and she said this is the best result for future cos this filler help produce collagen and the other option with teosyal Ultimate deep. I read in some forums radiesse is not so safe sometimes

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Nasolabial folds

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Radiesse has been around for a long time and especially useful for nasolabial folds. When used by an experienced injector there has been virtually no problems with it. Lumpiness and bruising are rare but can happen. Again,see an experienced doctor.

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