Can PRP treatment increase susceptibility to hair loss upon discontinued treatments?

I'm considering PRP treatment for mild male pattern hair loss. My understanding is that in order to maintain the effects of a PRP treatment, I will have to renew it regularly. However, I'm worried that if I stop getting new treatments, I risk losing otherwise healthy hair because it has become dependent. If I choose to not renew the treatment, will it go back to what it was before, or can the baldness progress past what it would be if I didn't get any PRP treatment? Thank you in advance!

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PRP can reduce the rate of hair Loss

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PRP is one of he newest treatments to stimulate hair growth. If you decide to stop using it, your hair loss will not be accelerated and you will just continue to lose hair at the natural rate.  Best, Dr. Green

PRP and AGA progression

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PRP or platelet rich plasma, is a scalp treatment procedure that uses the cells involved in tissue healing to treat hair loss. This seems to work because these cells are rich in the growth factors that promote tissue healing. It is hoped that they will help the stem cells produce more protein hence thicker hair. The condition responsible for hairloss in AGA is the genetic inheritance of a pattern of hair that is sensitive to the miniaturizing effect of DHT on these follicles.Hence if PRP use is terminated in the future the benefit may be lost but you should not be worst for it!


Bernardino A. Arocha,MD

PRP can reduce rate of hair loss, and in cases increase production.

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In males, PRP can reduce the rate of hair loss, however if you stop it, hair loss will not be accelerated. Namely it takes it's natural course. 

Most male patients need 2 session as the initial 'primer', then one session every 6-8 months. The aim of PRP, much like minoxidil is to halt progression, - extra regrowth is thus considered a bonus. 

All the best

Dr Davin Lim 
Laser Dermatologist
Brisbane, Australia. 

Stopping PRP? ENGLEWOOD Cliffs, NJ

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In my opinion, PRP has the ability to increase hair thickness and decrease hair loss. In some individuals there is regrowth. Regrowth can be variable. If one stops PRP, the growth  that was obtained will reverse itself. The hair loss that was suppressed will also reverse. I do not believe that the outcome will be any worse than if no treatment was rendered. The question regarding durability of a single treatment of PRP is important. In my experience, for most individuals, PRP effects last approximately 6 months. Therefore, twice a year treatment is necessary to maintain your results. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Jeffrey Rapaport, MD
Englewood Dermatologic Surgeon
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