Post-traumatic ptosis repair (Photo)

I suffered a serious head injury about 20 years ago. 4-months ago I got a 3D orbital implant under my left eye, but it stills seems that my left eye sits lower on my face. A few years after the injury my eye was very swollen and I was diagnosed with ptosis. This still persists to this day and bothers me very much. Maybe the ptosis gives the illusion of one eye being lower than the other? Is post-traumatic ptosis easily fixable?

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Post-Traumatic Ptosis

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Based on your photograph, it is difficult to tell whether the eyelid asymmetry is related to asymmetry of the eye position versus the eyelid position. For this, you need an evaluation with an oculoplastic surgeon so that they can do formal measurements of the globe position and the eyelid.

New Haven Oculoplastic Surgeon

Post traumatic ptosis

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Thank you for sharing your question and photo. Your problem might easily be corrrcted, but comprehensive evaluation by an Oculoplastic Surgeon must be done first. Make an appointment for a doctor to examine you in person. Good luck,

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