Hair transplant in May 2016; now I'm worried they over-harvested? (Photos)

I had a hair transplant in May 2016. I had taken 2400 grafts. Now after six months, I am worried, that they overharvested. I had a hair transplant before, and it didn't look anything like that. At that time I had 1500 grafts, and they were taken from the right side of the head and on the back in the same area as here. I showed the doctor photos of it before the second transplant, but he said there was plenty on the back. Is it overharvesting, and can anything be done about it?

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Over harvesting.

you may be experiencing shock loss in the donor area, I'd give it a bit more time to see if the donor area improves. If the donor area was overharvested or there was simply a poor harvest & more follicles were harvested to achieve your goal, there is very little aside from wearing your hair longer that you can do. Again, give it a bit more time & then visit with your doctor. 

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It takes over 3000 grafts to see overharvesting, but that depends upon your donor density. If your original donor density was low, then overharvesting can happen with less than 3000 grafts, if it was high, then harvesting up to 4000 grafts would be ok

William Rassman, MD
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If your donor hair looks thin and patchy, it would be a sign of over harvesting. It all depends on your hair.

If your donor hair looks thin and patchy, it would be a sign of over harvesting.  It all depends on your hair.  You may want to wait a full year to judge.

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Over Harvesting in FUE

It is not possible to just look at these photos and comment on it. We would need to do a live examination check density.

The problem in FUE is that it is not sufficient to know how many grafts were extracted (assuming it is true). Unprofessional clinics may do 5000 attempts to get 2400 good grafts, so we need to know the number of attempts. 

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Possible Over Harvest

From the picture it looks like a possible over harvest. If so, there is not much that can be done. It is impossible to tell just from the picture though. It is possible that it might just be shock loss. This is best case scenario because the hair will grow back. I recommend that you seek out a professional in your area and get some advice after having a personal consultation. Best of luck!

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Unfortunatelly  there is nothing to do about it. because the hair follicles are just change their location and dont grow back again. it is not a over harvesting case but with second operation almost %40 of your native hair in donor area has been changed the place to frontal area and that donor area has a normal appearance 

Ilhan Serdaroglu, MD
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