Is this outcome possible for my rhinoplasty? (photos)

Hi, The big majority of before and after pics I've seen seems to be either correcting a hump or there are so minimal change so it's almost isen't noticeable. I want a quite big change of the width of the nose but my nostrills are not that big so you can achieve this without makeing the columella thinner, It's something I haven't seen so far, is it possibe? I've photoshopped some pics of my nose from different angels to get an idea of what i want.

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Excellent candidate for rhinoplasty

A similar result to the one you showed is really possible, what is not possible is to make the tip as triangular as your wish pic, also it would look fake if we do it. But a much more defined tip and nose, and a corrected septuo, columella can be achieve.Best of luck, 

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Is this outcome possible for my rhinoplasty?

Even in the most experienced hands- there are always limitations to what can be achieved. Generally speaking, experienced Plastic Surgeons will endeavor to get the best looking result- utilizing the techniques available. Your full answer is best done in person after a detailed physical exam. But I do believe however, in the right hands- your goals are achievable. 

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
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Rhinoplasty Results

Hi and thanks for the question.

Similar results to the ones you proposed are possible. One can never replicate a simulated photo precisely, but your suggestions are reasonable.  I would have proposed slightly different changes than you presented.  I am confident you would find my proposal more compelling and  appealing than the photos you posted.

Best of luck.

Glenn Vallecillos, MD
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