Nostrils width after Lefort I

Dear RL Doctors, I will be undergoing a Lefort I jaw operation, and I've read that it tends to make the nose (alar part) wider. My doctor mentioned that this can be manipulated, but only as a brief comment, which is why I'd like some clarification. Namely: can this control of the nostrils (to keep them from widening excessively) be done during jaw surgery, or does one have to wait as much as one would for a full rhinoplasty after the orthognatic work? Thank you, and all the best!

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Nasal Width changes after Lefort 1 Orthognathic Surgery

Nasal width (alar width) is usually controlled with a special suturing technique. Your surgeon will measure your nasal width prior to surgery and then place a special suture (stitch) to hold it at that position at the end of surgery. With this technique a wide nose is rare

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