Different nostrils & external seams (Photo)

I'm a month after a nose surgery with result of asymmetric. Left nostril is larger and higher, which shows inside the nose, the right nostril is smaller and lower. The seams have been done externally. The swelling is almost decreased now. Please any suggestion except massage ...etc. 1- Any suggestion to solve the asymmetric nostrils 2- Will the traces of sutures disappear? Kind regards

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Different nostrils & external seams

I understand your concerns. However, this type situation is best evaluated in person by a highly qualified Revision Rhinoplasty specialist. And reading thoroughly a copy of your operative report is essential. There is room for improvement as you have outlined, but only in the best of hands..

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Its too early

Its too early for a final result. After a Rhynoplasty swollen last up to 12 months.

You dont mention if it was an aesthetic Rhynoplasty, or reconstruction after an accident or combination.There are some scars on your nose that get us a little confused.

Keep talking with your Doctor, tell him your concerns. We know  he is going to understand and help you.

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