Losing transplanted hair 1 year FUE post op. Hair thinning in transplanted zone. (Photo)

September 2015 I undergo FUE transplant in Turkey, 2800 grafts in hairline and front section. 10 months post op I had great regrowth. But last 2 months hair started to shed very heavy from transplanted zone. Hair fell with "bulb" attached, 2-3 hairs on a "bulb", 30 hairs in sink per brush. Now I've lost a lot from transplanted zone 1 year after operation. What happened? Will it ever grow back, should I start Rogaine again as I used it post op for 6 months? I'm in good health. Thanks for advice.

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Shock loss?

I understand your concern.  I suspect the hair is simply shedding on the same growth cycle and it should come back.  We usually see this after the procedure and refer to it as shock loss.  However, sometimes the hair grows, as it sounds like yours did.  It will then shed at a later time.  Using Rogaine can be helpful to generate growth.

If you are losing transplanted hair, you need to follow up with your doctor.

If you are losing transplanted hair, you need to follow up with your doctor.  One thought may be that you may not have been a transplant candidate in the first place.

Jae Pak, MD
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Losing hair after a year following a hair transplant from Turkey

Losing hair after a year following a hair transplant from Turkey. I wonder if this is the transplanted hair or your native hair. If it is the transplanted hair, one might wonder if the grafts were damaged such that they do not cycle after they go into a another hair cycle. Contact your doctor and find out what has happened to you

William Rassman, MD
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Losing transplanted hair

As long as the hair was transplanted from an area/donor sight that the hair was strong this should not be occurring.The extracted hair cannot be from a sight where the hair would have fallen out anyhow. Because no matter where you put it than it is destined to fall out. It seems as the hair was extracted from outside the donor area. Speak to you doctor about your concerns. I wish you the best of luck.

Hair loss post FUE

I'm very sorry to hear of your situation.  I know how disheartened you must feel right now.  The best situation would be if this were a "Telogen Effluvium" which is temporary and will grow back.  If the hair was taken from outside the "safe" donor area then it could be permanent.    I don't think Rogaine could hurt at this point.  I hope things work out well for you.

Gregory Pistone, MD
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Hair loss after FUE Hairtransplant

there are many technician run hair transplant clinics in turkey that work without oversight.  Hair transplant surgery is very involved and if any of the steps is compromised it does effect the end result. One guess is that the clinic harvested the grafts from outside of the donor zone. These hairs are prone to being lost overtime and are not permanent. 

Michael Meshkin, MD
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