Lip numbness 5 days after after Chin Augmentation with silicone implant. (photo)

5 days have passed since chin augmentation with a silicone implant, but i don't feel any touches and pain(checked with a needle) in the specified area at all. What i feel is a little burning in the lower lip. Is is OK? Can it be a sign of the nerve damage? How much time should last to start feel touched?

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Lost feeling of my chin after the chin implant!

Your area of numbness is that of both mental nerves - the provide feeling to the chin.
Swelling from surgery and stretching of nerves commonly leads to numbness. 
As swelling goes down, feeling returns You should start seeing slow improvement in another 12 days.

After 3 weeks, if no improvement - you have to discuss the chance of damage to both mentalis nerves from surgery - or the implant being too big. This is unlikely.

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Numbness After Chin Implant

The numbness you are describing is quite common for the first week or two after chin implant surgery. The nerve that provides sensation to the lower lip and chin (mental nerve) is often stretched during placement of the implant. As long as your surgeon used sound technique, full sensation should return. Long term numbness after a chin implant is possible but quite rare.

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Lip numbness 5 days after after Chin Augmentation with silicone implant. (photo)

I would say time is your best friend after a chin augmentation.  It is not unusual to patients to have numbness after a chin augmentation because the of stretch effect.  The mental nerve is stunned so it does not fire quite as well.  I most cases this returns in a couple of weeks.  If you have persistent numbness, no response to pin prick, after 2-3 weeks I would certainly ask your doctor what he thinks after a physical examination.  

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Lip numbness after chin implant

Having numbness on the lower lip and chin skin is not unusual after a chin implant. Especially over the first couple of weeks. The sensation should return to normal over time, but it can take up to a few months for that to happen. 
There is a small chance you will have some permanent loss of sensation, but would be the exception.

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Lip numb 5 days after chin augmentation with implant

It is not unusual to have some temporary numbness of the lower lip area after chin augmentation with an implant.  There can be some irritation of the nerves during the surgery which can cause some short term numbness.  In most cases, this will completely resolve with more time.  It may take a few weeks and in some cases a few months to improve.   

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Lip numbness 5 days after after Chin Augmentation with silicone implant.

Relax, it's not unusual to have loss of sensation this early on in the process. The feeling will improve with each passing week and month. It may take up to one year. In some cases loss of sensation can be permanent.Good luck

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