Laser inconsistency (Photo)

I had 2 Laser doctors with both same results. 6 years laser with slight improvement. Last year I told my doctor to lower settings to avoid pain as hair will still grow back so might as well lessen the pain. It very minimal compared to other times and I saw a huge improvement with fine hairs nearly gone. The last time I did it was painful and all hair grew back. Like promoting growth. She said she used the same settings. Settings: 24/8 or 24/9. Dark hair, Mediterranean skin.

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Laser Hair Removal

If all hair grows back with same consistency and thickness, then there is hormonal problem that needs to be addressed or the laser is not working well. If you tried different providers and your hair grew back, then you should consult an expert who may address the hormonal imbalance that causes certain areas of your body to be extensively hairy. Best of luck!  

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