Implant but without breast lift, possible? (Photo)

My vision is to get a NATURAL result by getting an implant. I would like to avoid breast lift atm, is that possible and then to also get a good end result? I would like 250cc-300cc at most, is that a though out of order without a lift too? As I think now I feel for a moderate profile 300cc silicone round shape implant SUBMUSC. Is this relevant for my anatomy even though I'm on the edge of sagging? Thankful for answers of small implants ONLY is a good solution for me, which I hope.

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Implant but without breast lift, possible?

From your side photo, it appears that your nipple is above the fold but your areolae have stretched considerably. You may want to consider an areola reduction, along with sub muscular breast augmentation, to get the best possible result. Best to see a board certified plastic surgeon who takes the time to properly evaluate and examine you for the best possible procedures for you!

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Breast lift

Thank you for your question. I understand your hesitancy to avoid a breast lift but you will have a much better result with a lift. Look at before and after photo galleries and if you can find an example of someone like you with a result you are pleased with just using implants I would be surprised. You are on the right track with a smaller implant and avoiding high profile implants. Best of luckJosh Olson MD

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