I had revision rhinoplasty (01/4/13). l'm not happy with results, which procedures do I need now? (photo)

1.my columella isnt in the center of my nose....i am born like that..can a doctor cut the columella and place it to a different place so it would be more symetrical? 2.-the revision rhino doctor use septum cartilage on the nostrils but on my right nostril my graft isnt so symmetric and have totally different shape...can be corrected like the foto i made with computer imaging? from what i like and you can see from the wish pic can you tell me witch procedures will i need?thank you!

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Revision rhinoplasty questions

Your nose has several flaws and you have pointed that out.  If I am to take that you want your nose to look the photo on the right of the first set of photos, my suggestion is to revise your intent.  I think that modified photo makes your nose look to small for your face - again its tough to tell if we are talking about the same thing.

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