Can hyaluronic acid fillers slow down (or prevent) Retinol rejuvenating properties?

HA gives primarily a cosmetic effect that does not solve the root cause of the problem (aging), while retinol is a treatment that actually speeds up cell turnover. So in the long run I'd prefer Retinol because my skin will eventually look good, even if that means waiting a few years. But, meanwhile, I'd love to get that purely cosmetic effect of not having to look at my wrinkles, without sacrificing retinol's rejuvenating properties. So can HA fillers hinder Retinol from being absorbed properly?

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Fillers vs retinol

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Fillers address volume loss that we all suffer as we age, and reduce wrinkles by plumping up areas that have 'deflated' with age.  Fillers do not affect the skin directly.  Retinol is great for renewing the skin's surface and helps with fine lines, but will not restore underlying soft tissue loss.  They are complimentary in action, not competing.

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