Can hematoma cause nerve damage ? (photos)

Hi, on june 20th (3 weeks ago ) i've had an endoscopic forehead lift done through 4 incisions. Healing has been going well. Swelling near eyes completely healed. Feeling at forehead has returned with some stinging pain under the big hematoma ( See picture). Behind the hairline and hematoma, i have numbness even if i wasn't operated there. ( only left side ) Have asked doctors and they said i should wait ( 2 weeks ago). Can a hematoma cause these problems? Should i wait or pressure for drainage?

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Numbness after endoscopic brow lift

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The nerve for sensation in the forehead and scalp starts at the brow hair and goes up over the top of the head.  It is common after any brow surgery to have some numbness anywhere in this area.  The sensation will start to return in the forehead and then go up over the top of the head.  It will often feel like "pins and needles" or will itch as the nerve returns.  The hematoma is probably causing some inflammation around the nerve which is why it is taking longer for this side to return.    

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