Flex muscle deformity 6 months after breast augumentation. What can I do? (photos)

I got my breast done on March (Mentor 300cc, teardrop). Then I spot some deformity... I went to see my doctor, but firstly he told me to wait until 6months after the surgery, and now he told me that this is the first time that he sees something like that (he "usually saw only flex deformity up, not sideways"). Now I'm not trusting him that much and I'm worried to get under his knife again. I asked if it's possible to put my implants more close together, but he said no. What are my options now?

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Animation deformity

This problem can be fixed. Having your implants in a sub muscular plane it is difficult to get the implants into a more medial/midline position. This just has to do with your breast "footplate", where your breasts are located on your chest. You can switch to a sub glandular pocket if you have enough breast tissue to mask the implant outlines OR you can see a surgeon who performed dual plane sub muscular augmentations. Either way, you have options and this can be fixed.

Animation deformity

Sometimes this happens.  The important thing to understand is how to deal with it if it does.  You would likely need a revision, where the breast pocket is "changed" from submuscular to subglandular.  I agree your implants could be a little closer together as well.  Of course, the issue with subglandular, if your skin/breast tissue is thin, is that the implant can be more visible and is more prone to visible rippling.  So, the options are to cover the implant with something like Alloderm to mask it, or to do fat grafting medially and superiorly, also to "mask" the implants.  The Inspira implant, which has a high fill rate, can also be used, since it is supposed to not ripple as much.

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