Dark Circles or Hollow Eyes? (Photo)

I'm 19 (male) and I constantly look like I have a black eye. It doesn't look like bags however. It's a bit shiny purple, looks bruised and I can feel the bone through under bright light it looks like a crease (wrinkle)? It's the one thing that annoys me the most and has been bothering me for some time. Are you able to tell what is the cause (hollow eye, genetics or maybe something else)? I get plenty of sleep, usually 8 hours a day, drink plenty of water and work out. What else can I do?

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Nothing wrong with your lower eyelid.

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I would say just forget about it.  If that does not work, a small amount of expertly placed restylane might help.  Try to stay away from the surgeon's knife.  It will only cause you trouble and heart ache at this point in your life.

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