Is it possible to correct my hanging columella and create a more defined tip for my nose in a third rhinoplasty? (photos)

After 2 previous rhinoplasties I'm still not satisfied with my nose because my tip is very round and my nose looks too big for my face. I think a more convex bridge would make my nose look smaller and my supratip area looks to full. The surgeon who performed my second rhinoplasty said, that my nasal skin is too thick to make my nose smaller or my tip more defined. Nevertheless I'm planning a third attempt and would appreciate an expert's advice weather or not my desired result is attainable.

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Hanging Columella? No

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Thanks for your profile photos. After 2 rhinoplasty surgeries you have a nice profile and do not appear to have a hanging columella. Your surgeon maybe right regarding the risks and benefits of a third attempt at additional tip and profile definition with your skin type. The pursuit of perfection is often the downfall of an otherwise excellent result. Best wishes

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