Brow lift for excess skin on eyelids? (photos)

What i don't specifically like is the extra skin on my eyelids. I firstly thought about bleroplasty but i since I'm young and i heard that the brows may sink a bit when the skin has been removed which is something i don't want, although i neither want my brows to sit significantly higher that what they already do. What do you think is the best solution for me?

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Brow lift for excess skin on eyelids?

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Hi there. While a brow lift lifts eyebrows that sag over your eyes making you look tired or angry, it does so in a natural way. For your specific case, a blepharoplasty procedure to remove the excess skin from your eyelids and adding filler below the brow will enhance the natural shape. The most important step in ensuring natural looking results is to book consultations with an ABPS certified plastic surgeon. Best of luck!

Houston Plastic Surgeon

Brow lift for excess skin on eyelids?

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 Hi, I have performed many Brow Lifts and Blepharoplasties over the past 30 years.  From the photos, your brows appear to be in the proper position and for that reason, an Upper Blepharoplasty would seem indicated to remove the excess skin of the upper eyelids.  When properly performed, this would not change the position of the eyebrows.

Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Brow versus lids

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So in the picture your brow seems in pretty much the right position. If you feel its a little heavy then you can try a little botox just under the brow to oppose the orbic muscle. This is a lot less drastic than a brow or lid lit and has the added benefit of showing you what al little more lid show will give you. 

Hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

Brow lift or upper eyelid surgery?

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The photo you provided is helpful but does not allow for complete evaluation of your eyes and forehead. You mentioned you were young but did not say exactly how old you are. If the brows are already in a good position, I would not recommend a brow lift to improve the upper eyelids. In my opinion, it would make more sense to deal directly with the excess skin of the upper eyelid with a blepharoplasty. 

Michael I. Echavez, MD
San Francisco Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Brow lift vs. eyelid tuck (blepharoplasty)

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It's true that the brows sometimes rest slightly lower after a blepharoplasty (eyelid tuck) without a brow lift.  I cannot tell whether it is likely to be a problem for you because the photo is cropped so close that I can only see part of your eyelids and forehead.  I suggest you meet with a plastic surgeon in your area for an in-person consultation.  He/she can take a look at your whole face and see it move in various expressions to help decide what would be your best option.

Blepharoplasty, male vs female eyelid surgery, brow lift

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I would just have your upper lids done, I do not believe that you need a brow lift. Your brow appears to be in good position and if it were to be raised the eyes would reveal a startled look. The complexity of a brow lift is much greater than that of a upper lid blepharoplasty and is is not necessary to address your concerns. 

Edward Farrior, MD
Tampa Facial Plastic Surgeon
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