Bad otoplasty done on right ear after 2 operations. Would a third be an option? (photo)

Hi there. I was born with somewhat asymmetrical ears and in 08/2011 I had an otoplasty done on both of my ears. Exactly a year after in 2012 I had my right ear done once again because of an unsatisfiing result. Still not satisfied with the top of the ear sticking out so much. Also my cartilage have now become edgy and bumpy. Question: Is it possible to correct this sticking-out-portion? And the damaged cartilage? My ear really bugs me, so should I undergo a third operation? Thanks.

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Ear Asymmetry: Some Small Differeces are Normal

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People naturally have a small difference between their ears.  Following otoplasty, it is normal to have a small difference as well.  In cases in which the ear difference is really visible, a revision can be done.  However, with each revision, there are more chances of cartilage scarring.  Both the patient and doctor should review the benefits and risks of additional procedures.  A second opinion by a very experienced otoplasty surgeon is helpful.  While many plastic surgeons say they do otoplasty procedures, very few do many procedures regularly.

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Otoplasty Results

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I agree with Dr. Pollock. You did not have a bad result. Your ears are natural looking and there are no two ears alike. The ear has many nuchs and crannies.

In my opinion, you should leave well enough alone.

Consult your plastic surgeon and trust the advice.

Best wishes 

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I would not characterize your operation as bad.....While your ears are slightly different ,  they look quite normal and natural....and facial features are often asymmetrical naturally.

The other aspect of the ear symmetry as seen from the front, is that most people rarely see both ears at the same time. While I understand you would like perfection, I would recommend that you move on and not seek additional surgery.  However,  the most meaningful advice is that obtained in a face to face consultation with a plastic surgeon, so if you have concerns get a second opinion..

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