After multiple revision surgeries will I be able to have another one? (photos)

I had revisions including goretex and polyethylene placement and removement. I tried to restore size after primary left me with too small and short nose. My implants started to extrude although I loved results. Now I'm 3 months post op. with small amount of rib on my bridge. I can't breathe, my nose is too small and color is purple after this op. approach and implant remov. I need to find biggest expert to help me with closed approach to rebuilt my nose if the procedure is possible in future.

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Wait to heal

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Please wait at least a year before considering another revision and, yes, seek an expert in revision rhinoplasty.  Your problems have become complex with both cosmetic and breathing issues that will require a high degree of expertise.  Avoidance of plastic materials will be important, in my opinion, as you have demonstrated problems with tolerating them.  Despite these limitations, improvements both in cosmesis and function are likely possible.

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