Cryolipolisis - what is the recommended temperature for a session?

I want to know if there is a list to find the approved equipments by FDA. And which is the recommended temperature for a session of cryo? Because one of therapist told me the maximum she can set is -1 degree to avoid the frostbite, anothe one from other center told me about -8 degrees. Where is the truth?

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Cryolipolisis - what is the recommended temperature for a session?

Thank you for your question. All CoolSculpting machines already have a preset temperature that cannot be changed. I would recommend looking at clinics listed on the Zeltiq website so that you receive a true CoolSculpting treatment. Regards,

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Cryolipolysis and FDA approved Temperatures

The CoolSculpting machines have a set temperature that cannot be changed by the provider.  They also require a cooling gel pad to protect the skin.  The CoolSculpting machine uses a controlled temperature and set time for the cryolipolysis to work.  From what you have stated, it doesn't sound like the CoolSculpting device from Zeltiq.  If it is a fake or look-alike, it may not work or may be harmful to your body.  It is best to see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon's practice to make sure you are getting the treatment you are looking for.  

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You may visit the FDA's website (although like a maze) to determine FDA recommended equipment.  As far as temperature for coolsculpting, this is actually confidential with at least Zeltiq / Coolsculpting.  Lipolysis with the coolsculpting device is achieved by cooling the tissue to a set temperature for a set time, both variables are important!  Proper sin protectant - gel pads - are also important to protect the skin.  I hope this helps.

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Cryolipolisis- Temparature adjustment

Thank you your question. List of physicians providing cryolipolysis is available at Coolsculpting website. The original coolsculpt technology has a predetermined temperature setting. If they are not applying the gel pad provided by the company Zeltiq, you could be receiving a fake or lookalike Coolsculpting treatment. Be aware that this may lead to frostbite.

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