What is accedelent?

Hope I spelled that right. It's so you can move your teeth faster right? What exactly happens? Please explain!

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Acceledent is a Class II FDA approved device that uses soft pulse technology and cyclic forces to accelerate the movement of teeth by up to 50%. It was Launched in the United States in 2012.  It is a hands-free device used with braces or Invisalign for 20 minutes a day to decrease treatment time. I am an orthodontist in New York City, and my patients are very happy knowing they will obtain beautiful results in faster treatment time. 
Best,Dr. Jenn

Acceledent can move teeth up to 50% faster

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Acceledent is an orthodontic "accessory" that speeds up the orthodontic process by moving the teeth "faster". To align the teeth they basically have to move through bone. Studies have shown that mechanical stimulation (vibration) can increase the rate of healing. Acceledent has utilized this knowledge to take advantage of the clinical benefits of vibration. This light force pulse/vibration transmits through the roots of the teeth to the socket. This process accelerates the cellular response and speeds the rate with which the teeth can move.
Acceledent is used during orthodontic treatment for 20 minutes a day for optimum benefit. With great cooperation it can cut treatment time in half with some patients. (And yes, you did spell Acceledent correctly).

Karen Franz, DDS
Denver Orthodontist

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