Saggy Skin Lipo?

I recently had a tt and lipo on my arms and on my arm pit area. My tt and lipo on my arms look awesome, however the area that was liposucked under my arms is awful. The skin is super saggy and I even have a couple rolls. My dr was adamant that I do NOT wear compression under my arms. Is this why the outcome is so bad? I have scheduled a follow up. I am 3 week post op.

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Saggy skin after lipo

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Compression of the underarms is close to impossible.  Give this some time and if the skin needs to be tightened up, that likely can be done by excising some of the skin.   The underarm area usually does not scar badly and most of the time it is concealed by clothing or the arms. 

Liposuction of the arms and sagging skin

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Sagging can get worse with liposuction. Do not expect the skin to significantly contract on the arms after liposuction. At this point you have to give it time to heal.

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