Removal of Fax on Axillary Breast?

I recently had lipo done by a board cert. phy. 6 weeks ago. One of the areas of lipo was my axillary breast and continuing to my "back fat" on the bra line. I see absolutely no difference in the area before and after the lipo. I question the phy. today at my 6 week appt and was told that the tissue is mostly breast and could not be removed. The area in question is closer to my back, around my bra line. I feel I should have been told before hand that there would not be a great improvement in the area.

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Axillary Liposuction at 6 Weeks

  The axillary area as most areas can take longer than 6 weeks for all of the swelling to resolve.  Excision of tissue can be considered if liposuction was not adequate.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Axillary fat lipo

This can be a tough area to lipo because sometimes the tissue is quite fibrous.  I have had a couple of cases where the axillary fat needed actual excision

BUT..............this area is also really had to compress after liposuction and it can take longer than usual for the swelling to resolve - sometimes twice as long as for other areas.  If you feel a woody firmness in this area, you will likely get some more improvment over time and I would recommend massage to this area and patient waiting.  If the area feels pretty normal, it won't likely improve much. 

As far as your surgeon telling you what sort of result you will have, even the most experienced surgeon can have a tough time predicting outcome.  Believe me, we always do our very best.  No surgeon likes to have unhappy patients!

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