How can I get this incision to heal from my medial thigh lift? Warning, graphic photo.

I'm from US and had my TL with a reputable surgeon ISAPS board. I had BL/BA, muscle repair in my stomach and medial thigh lift. All went well, I stayed for 2 wks. Soon my thigh Incisons started to open. I went to the ER, DR said no one there will restitch it, has to be done by a PS. He packed it with gauze. I will meet with a local PS who is willing to see me in 4 days. Im on Bactrim. Will it begin to heal with the packing? What does it look like needs to be done to you? Healing time/results?

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How can I get this incision to heal from my medial thigh lift?

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This is precisely why traveling to other countries for cosmetic surgery is not advised. Even if performed by qualified surgeons, there is no follow-up available. Your best bet at this point is to see the plastic surgeon with whom you have schedule an appointment. The incision pattern on your leg is very unusual and the photographs do not give enough detail to give you advice. With packing alone, this will take a couple of months to fully heal. You may want to discuss alternatives with the plastic surgeon.

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