I know this can't be right. I think I paid 11k for the no lift-lift. How do I approach disinclined PS? (photos)

5 months post op R/R 420 cc saline with 350 cc silicone + vertical lift. No upper pole volume. Breasts indent above nipple and sag terribly. Photos are 1 mo worse now! 23/24ish cm from sternal notch and was told no pre op measurements to compare. PS insisted I go smaller but then said I should have had bigger implants after I complaint re flatness. Very bottom heavy, I have to wear surg bra to bed and prop with pillow if sleeping in my side. Where do I go from here? Next post op is next week.

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Breast Revision with Lift to Restore Volume

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I am sorry to read of your disappointment. The #sagging of current implants can occur due to many reasons.  Some include the #size of the breast and implant,  #weight of the breast and implant,  #gravity , #age and/or aging, #weight loss and weight gain.  #Tissue integretity (ie.  some women are more prone to experience sagging due to weakness of their skin and breast #tissue at the fold.  In regards to implants alone, this is usually said to be mistake by patients reflecting back at the decision. Most breasts will look larger and more droopy with solely implants. They will sag more and sooner, due to the sudden and excess weight. At times it's possible for a “Snoopy” breast or double bubble to develop as a result. There are a variety of techniques for a #BreastLift. I prefer to use the short scar technique, “#lollipop scar” or “#donut lift” rather than the majority of surgeons in the United States that use an anchor pattern lift which involve more significant scarring. Although the “anchor-shape” or inverted “T” incision is still more popular in the United States, it represents an older technique with extensive #scarring and a less optimal result in many cases. 
It is imperative you select a plastic surgeon who is #board-certified and has a great deal of experience with breast #augmentation and the incision type, #implant placement, and implant type. Plastic surgeons who have specialized in breast surgery and cosmetic surgery are suitable to perform your breast augmentation. Aside from checking board-certification, it is suggested that you look at before and after photos of the surgeons actual patients, and read patient reviews. Gathering all of this information will help you make a well-informed decision.

Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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Not happy with results

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I'm sorry to hear about your discontent with your recent breast lift and implants.  this is not an uncommon scenario when the patient undergoes this procedure. I tell my patients that they will never have the look of a flat-chested woman augmented with a very large round implant. That being said, despite best intentions of the plastic surgeon, even with moderate overcorrection with a vertical lift, there will be some relaxation of the skin and settling of the implant. The larger the implant the more settling. I've had good success, in the last few years ,with adding fat grafts just to the upper pole. These will not migrate downward. As plastic surgeons, most of us are perfectionists and only want the very best results for our patients. With a calm and nonconfrontational discussion with your plastic surgeon, you should both agree upon what can be done and at what cost. Best of luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Achieving expectations

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It's clear that you need to have a calm, open, heart-to-heart with your surgeon about the outcome and your disappointment. It's important for you to be happy with your result, and sometimes the expectations don't measure up to what's achieved for the doctor or the patient. It may help to bring a friend to the visit--not as backup but as another set of objective ears so that if there is truly a disagreement or you get too "fired up" you will have someone there who remembers things from a less involved perspective. If there's still no common ground at that point, the best thing for you may be to cut your losses, get a copy of your records, and seek out another opinion from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

Russell Babbitt, MD
Fall River Plastic Surgeon
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When results do not meet expectations

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it can be distressing, especially have an outlay of considerable sums of money.  Your only option here is to work with your surgeon and find out where the miscommunication may have occurred.  If he truly downsized you from what you wanted and is now telling you that you should have gone larger, you have a legitimate beef and your surgeon should be bending over backwards to help resolve this problem  But if you made all the decisions, then you are stuck with the results.  I have no idea what procedure you had (no lift - lift???) bu it looks like a standard vertical mastopexy with implants.  You can always get copies of your medical record so you know what has been documented from the surgeon's side about what you discussed.  Find out what your surgeon's revision policy is as well as you may need it.

Curtis Wong, MD
Redding Plastic Surgeon
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What is a "no lift lift"?

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I don't understand the terminology you are using. There's no such thing as a no lift lift. Implants do not lift the breast by themselves if that is what you mean. And you did have a lift so what do you mean? You should discuss your concerns with your PS to clarify and undeerstand better.

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