I had BA operation on 2015 December 14. Now it is 3.5 months. I think the doctor chose the wrong implants for me (Photo)

I got 380 cc Polytech exra high projection. I think the doctor choose wrong implants for me, maybe i needed anatomical? I am weight lifting at the gym, so my fats % are really low, what to do at this case? Also i think that smth wrong is with my left breast, it is bottom out or double bubble? Black and white photo. I had a nipple asymmetry befor BA and now it really bad. I think about nipple correction, but what about breast feeding later? Still i ca or it will be damage?

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I had BA operation on 2015 December 14. Now it is 3.5 months. I think the doctor chose the wrong implants for me (Photo)

You will need a revision and will need to be prepared to not lift weights for months after the repair. 

You need  to keep the implants under your pectoral muscles because you are so thin. You will have to accept the risk of flexion deformity/ double bubble seen on flex.

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I had BA operation on 2015 December 14.

Your implants appear to be sitting to low. You should see your surgeon to discuss possible revision. 


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Concerns with Breast Implant operation performed December 2015

Your implants seem to have settled into a position which is too low. You'll probably need to have them re-positioned and work done on the pocket. Some work may need to be done on the muscle to avoid the flexed appearance.

On another note, if you're doing a lot of weightlifting in the early weeks or months after surgery, the implants could potentially be displaced by weight lifting. Every plastic surgeon had his or her guidelines for weight training after breast augmentation.

Implant malposition

Maybe the implant, maybe the placement, regardless you have significant implant malposition and require a revision.  Correction of your implant malposition should correct the worsening of your pre-existing nipple asymmetry. Your ability to breast feed should not be adversely affected. Follow-up with your surgeon and I am sure that correction will be forthcoming.  Regards. 

I had BA operation on 2015 December 14. Now it is 3.5 months. I think the doctor chose the wrong implants for me

Thank you for your question and for sharing your photographs.  It appears that both of your breast implants have settled too low on your chest, causing your nipples to be elevated and your implant volume to be located below your nipple.  Corrective surgery will be needed to help reposition your implants and will involve closing off the lower portion of your breast implant pocket in order to have the implants centered behind your nipple.  Depending on your desire to reduce the size of your implants, you may also benefit from an internal bra to help prevent recurrence.  Hope that this helps.

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Bottoming out

It looks like you bottomed out, and will need a revision. Best to review this with your surgeon. Good luck.

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Possible revision, some advices:

Thanks for the question.
In my practice, after performing a BA I recommend to my patients to limit the movement of the arms for two weeks. After that, you can move your arms taking care and always with common sense.
In this regard, it's not advisable to carry heavy weights to prevent the implant out of position, and allow the formation of the physiological capsule around the implant, also to avoid pain and breast swelling.
After 6 months you will probably need a revision.
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I had BA operation on 2015 December 14. Now it is 3.5 months. I think the doctor chose the wrong implants for me

NON USA surgery with non FDA approved implants. Dx - double bubble, capsule, asymmetry, etc. Best to seek in person second opinions.

Needs a revision

From the photographs, your implants have bottomed out and with animation, show the signs of a double bubble. What's needed is a revision operation where a space is made in the upper part of the pocket and support in the way of Strattice is added to the bottom part of the pocket to support the implant in an upward position more centered on your nipples. This procedure is called a capsulorraphy. The animation deformity can likewise be corrected with additional muscle incision. This surgery because it is all done on the inside should not affect breast-feeding in the least. Good luck with your revision.

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Implant revision

The major problem appears to be that your implants are too low, which is causing the double bubble. One option is to repair the pocket at the bottom, re-establishing your natural crease where it should be, and pushing the implants back up behind the nipples. At the same time the pockets can be tightened on the sides, and the pocket extended toward the mid-line.
Another option may be to close off your current pockets, and start over with new pockets on top of the muscle.
Good luck,

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