I am on set 7 on Invisiligns, and I changed today. But the thing is I lost it today, right when I change sets. Any suggestions?

I can't go back to the previous alliner because it's broken, and I can't contact my orthodontist because It has happened way too many times and It would be embarrassing.

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Lost Aligner

In order to get  the correct  treatment you are recommended to use the aligners in order and at all the time with no break time. If you lose an aligner you can usually use the one before , until you order  that but in this case that you don't have aligner before, you definitely have to contact your Orthodontist and order #7 again and they usually come very soon. The Dr. is there to make sure you get the correct treatment and not to judge you.

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Don't be embarrassed! :)

Dear forever20one,
Definitely contact your orthodontist. He or she will help you get back on track. I am an orthodontist and have many patients who have lost their aligners multiple times. One patient's dog ate her aligners 5 times!  Life is not perfect and things happen. Don't sweat the small stuff!
Best,Dr. Jenn

Jennifer S. Stachel, DMD
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Your lost Aligners

Not wearing any aligners can caused shifting of your teeth which can slow down your orthodontic treatment. Generally if you loose an aligner its recommended to go back to the previous, however in this situation your were broken. If you have the alingers previous to that, which I believe would be #5, please try to wear that in order not to create more issues, then contact your provider and visit him as soon as  possible.
All the best,

Navid Zamani, DMD
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