Is there a difference in the rhinoplasty when performing this surgery on a Hispanic?

I am a Mexican female looking to have a rhinoplasty this year. I have been doing a lot of research and I have noticed that some doctors advertise that they specialize in ethnic rhinoplasty. Is there a difference in the rhinoplasty when performing this surgery on a Hispanic? if so what's a good doctor in Chicago?

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Ethnic rhinoplasty requires a specialist

Rhinoplasty is considered one of the most challenging procedures in plastic surgery and ethnic noses can be even more challenging. There are anatomic considerations including the thickness of the skin, and the proportion of the nose, along with cultural expectations. I would recommend a highly specialized surgeon who has performed a multitude of rhinoplasty procedures on Hispanic noses. I recommend choosing a board certified facial plastic surgeon. They are highly trained surgeons who specialize in procedures for the face and neck. Many facial plastic surgeons also undergo training in Otolaryngology or Ear, Nose, and Throat and can help optimize your breathing following your cosmetic rhinoplasty. Most importantly make sure you feel comfortable and confident with your surgeon. This will benefit you in your decision making and recovery.

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Hispanic Rhinoplasty

A good rhinoplasty surgeon is a good ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon. There are some differences between different ethnic groups in terms of cartilage and skin but the most important thing is to find a conservative rhinoplasty surgeon who has good technique. 
In Hispanic rhinoplasty, the thick skin can make it difficult to show the tip definition but it also protects against any scar tissue showing through later down the road. Any scar on the nasal skin (columella or ala) can became dark (hyperpigmented) more than caucasians. No other major differences. 
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Hispanic Rhinoplasty candidate

Many of our patients  who we have performed a  rhinoplasty have  differing ethnic backgrounds, including Hispanic. Thick, olive, oily skin in the tip of the nose can be a bit of an impediment to seeing full refinement in the nasal tip due to fluid retention in the postoperative phase. Cortisone shots are usual required for the first few months after the procedure in thick skin individuals. Look for a very busy rhinoplasty surgeon and chances are they have done lots of ethnic/  Hispanic noses

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Hispanic Rhinoplasty

Although we do tend to generalize about different ethnic groups; every surgery is individualized. While we think of Hispanics as having dark hair with thicker dark skin. However we both know Latin people with red hair and thin light skin. Find an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon; don't worry about ethnicity. 

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Rhinoplasty and Thick Skin

There are several things that may be done to remove skin and fat in certain Hispanic individuals.However as you know Hispanics do not easily fit into a single category. An Indian nose is different than a Castilian nose. Experience in Rhinoplasty is important ,I have found people who claim they have special expertise in ethnic Rhinoplasty typically have little experience in any type of Rhinoplasty.

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Is there a difference in the rhinoplasty when performing this surgery on a Hispanic?

     I would say that I have a large contingent of patients who are Hispanic.  There are always different considerations, but you also have to be in tune with the desires of the individual.  Rhinoplasty can accomplish many different things, and I only change the elements that the patient wants to change.

Select a plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of rhinoplasties each year, has great reviews, and great before and after pictures.

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