Ethnic rhinoplasty to get Small, Cute, Simple Nose

i have a big,wide nose & big nostrils i want it to be smaller,less wide,sharper tipd(not so cocasion looking)just small,cute & simple. the bone is also a bit wide and curved can it be maybe filed/carved to the shape i want? (more refined)

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Ethnic rhinoplasty

You absolutely can acheive that result.  The largest benefit you have is that the base of your nose is close to appropriate in width which makes the ability to match your entire nasal structure to a more refined shape more straight forward.  Based on this photo alone, you would benefit from nasal tip contouring and slight narrowing of the bridge of the nose.  This would balance out your nose and make if far less of a focal point for the casual observer.  Seek out a board certified specialist in your area and have an in office consult for a complete exam and discussion.  Hope that helps!

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