Is There A Difference of Technique For Ethnic Rhinoplasty or Not (photo)?

im an african american female planning on getting rhinoplasty in a year/year and a half but i want to know is there a difference between ethnic rhinoplasty and rhinoplasty. oddly enough, it's not really an african american type of big if that makes sense lol. african americans tend to have problems with their nose being wide (michael jackson). my nose is not wide, its more like jewish/roman nose. i would like to obviously get rid of the bump and whatever else is needed for more natural results

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Techniques for ethnic rhinoplasty

There are hundreds of techniques that are employed in the procedure of rhinoplasty.  Some of these techniques are more applicable to African American rhinoplasty.  It is important to look for a surgeon with extensive rhinoplasty experience.

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Ethnic rhinoplasty

There are different esthetic goals and therefore different surgical maneuvers are in play. Technique per say no, The anatomy is the same, the incisions the same the post op care is the same.

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Ethnic rhinoplasty

Generally speaking the surgical procedures used in ethnic or African American Rhinoplasty are often different. This due to the fact that African American patients tend to have thicker skin and weaker cartilages as well as flared nostrils and wide nasal bones. From the limited views that I have of your pictures, it does appear that you do not have many of the classic features that I just described above. It does appear that your nasal deformities are more common in a semetic type of nose. You should start by seeing an experienced board certified plastic surgeon if rhinoplasty surgery interests you.  

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Is There A Difference of Technique For Ethnic Rhinoplasty or Not

 This is a great question.  Aersthetically speaking the goal of any Rhinoplasty, ethnic or not, is and always should be the creation of a naturally more attractive nose...period.  Ethnic noses vary in that they frequently have wider, weaker tip cartilages, lower dorsums and thicker skin.  This means that different techniques may need to be employed, such as cartilage tip grafts to add support, but the goal remains the same.

 From the photos, the nose has a dorsal hump that should be reduced and a wide nasal tip that could be thinned during the Rhinoplasty.  Hope this helps.

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Rhinoplasty is Rhinoplasty but...


Rhinoplasty simply means "altering the nose." If its done in an "ethnic patient" then it can be called an ethnic rhinoplasty.  However the distinction between various ethnic groups is much more blurred today and I often see African American or Asian patients with high bridges and humps on their nose rather than the "typical ethnic asian or black" nose with the low flat bridge.  Ultimately the nose has to fit your face and each nose is different as is each face.  Make sure your plastic surgeon does tons of nose jobs of all ethnic groups including black, white, Asian, middle eastern and Hispanic and make sure he does computer imaging so you can see his plans for your nose before you go through the rhinoplasty.  Good luck

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Ethnic - African American Rhinoplasty

The answer is definitely "yes". The approaches and techniques used in ethnic or African American Rhinoplasty are different. This due to the fact that ethnic patients tend to have thicker skin and weaker cartilages as well as some other differences when it comes to desired results. You should seek consultation with someone who has a lot of experience with African American Rhinoplasty, because revisions can be costly and difficult. See links below.

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty

Ethnic rhinoplasty is different because of things such as cartilage size and contour. However, after doing this work for 35 years I feel every rhinoplasty operation is different - I've never done 2 noses exactly the same. You are an excellent example; although you're African American your nose is not typical of many in your ethnic group.  

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